IT outsourcing

We offer complete IT outsourcing service which is based on monthly costs. Our services include the lease of all necessary hardware (PCs, monitors, printers, servers, UPS, network devices,…), outsourcing of our employees, helpdesk, maintenance, server hosting in our hosting center,…


In cooperation with GC Leasing d.o.o. (GRENKE), we offer the option of leasing complete IT infrastructure as well as certain licences needed in your company or organization. Since this is an operative leasing, it is considered as cost, not investment. GRENKE is known to offer zero-down lease (no down payment necessary).

IT system maintenance

By signing the maintenance contract we can provide you with very short response time, quick fault elimination and access to our company’s complete knowledge and expertise. Known to be flexible and adaptable, we will be happy to meet your needs and demands when it comes to maintaining your IT infrastructure. In addition to maintenance, we will provide you with consultancy and support when building your IT system.


In addition to implementation of IT solutions and services we also provide our clients with a wide variety of consulting services. From analysis of your existing IT infrastructure to project management and consulting, we will help you reach and surpass the goals of development of your IT system. Furthermore, we will keep you updated with new trends and solutions which could interest you and help you with your operations.

Seminars and training

We are eager to share our knowledge and expertise with our clients and can organize seminars and training specifically designed for the needs of your organization.  This way we can guide you through the process of enhancing your knowledge and skills using our own experience and expertise.


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