Server hosting

We offer server hosting based on indiviudally agreed conditions and prices. Our offer is structured completely in accordance to your demands and needs. We are using the latest, state-of-the-art server, storage and firewall equipment to ensure the security of your data and uninterrupted flow of your operations. Should virtual servers run on Microsoft licenses, we can set up the system with Microsoft SPLA licenses that are billed monthly and are made specifically for Hosting.


Sfera IT offers a wide spectre of equipment and solutions for installation of all types of communication networks. We offer our clients all the steps from consulting to final integration of the system into their business environment. We also optimize existing LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi networks as well as help with transfer to IPv6.


We ensure the security of our client’s network and data with the latest hardware, software and top experts in the business. Together we define security policies and propose solutions needed to reach your goals.


In addition to implementation of IT solutions and services we also provide our clients with a wide variety of consulting services. From analysis of your existing IT infrastructure to project management and consulting, we will help you reach and surpass the objectives of development of your IT system. Furthermore, we will keep you updated with new trends and solutions which could interest you and help you with your operations.

Data centers

Our expertise and partner status enable us to build secure, reliable,  state-of-the-art data centers for our clients as well as help them set up their private, hybrid or public cloud. We offer everything from UTP cables to complex server and network installations.


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